• Welcome to Kaci Johnson Photography!

    Hi! I'm Kaci, you know, the chick behind the lens.

    I'm thrilled down to my toes that you stopped by.

    I'm a self-taught, ambitious photographer born and raised in this wonderful place we call the Lone Star State.

    Right about now, I could give you a line of how I will "capture your memories" or "how special these memories are to hold on to" but I won't. I know you've heard it all before. I would rather my work do the talkin'.

    I create art through beautiful photographs that are destined to be displayed and appreciated. I will forever be infatuated with the beauty of art and the emotions it evokes.

    Every shutter click is an extention of that raw and Earth-shattering adoration I have for photography.

    Photography feeds my soul.

    I find joy is passing my love on to others by giving them tangible constant reminders of the way they felt when they were proposed to by their lover, how soft their children's cheeks were when they were babies, how amazing marrying the love of their life felt to start a life together, how they enjoyed every little kick from their unborn baby, remembering their children's funny sense of humor, or how much joy their family pet brought to everybody.

    That is what I was put on this Earth to do.

    Now that you're here, I would love it if you would mill around a bit and check out what is going on around here. There is a pages tab in the top left corner where all the pages of the website are hidden.

    You can email me at kacijohnsonphotography@live.com or chat me up at 682-936-9712. Treats and cupcakes can be sent to 2820 Temple Hall Hwy, Granbury, Texas 76049. ;) I love me some cupcakes!

    You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and subscribe to the blog.

    It will be so good to talk to you!

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